A Recap Of DC Fashion Week’s Opening Night

I experienced my first ever fashion show at the opening night of DC fashion week and holy fun!

I was really excited about the show because it was based entirely on eco-friendly, sustainable fashion. (Come on, it’s D.C. Did you really think we were going to have a fashion show without advocating something?)

For my style, I decided to go with a cozy, laid-back look. Since it was a sustainable fashion show, I picked neutral, timeless pieces that I wear all the time. The idea behind this was “slow fashion”, or, the opposite of fast fashion. It’s the idea of choosing pieces based on their wear-ability and longevity as opposed to buying into tons of fast fashion fads. (PS you can shop my shoes, and other dope platform sneakers in this post)


Prior to this show, when I thought of “sustainable fashion” I thought of hippies with hemp shoes. Not that I don’t love hippies or hemp shoes, but there was a stigma in my mind that came with the word. After this show, I realize that sustainable fashion can actually be, well – fashionable!

The show kicked off with Mavin Women, a sleek, professional line with many organically made little black dresses. The idea may be simple, but the implication was impactful! They are huge advocates of the slow fashion I mentioned earlier and hold many other ethical and sustainable values.

Next, we saw fashions from Suited for Change, a non-profit dedicated to helping women in need with professional, stylish dress for work and interviews. They created a line using donated clothes and some of them were actually really cute. If you are interested in donating to them, visit their website to see when the clothing drop offs are or offer to be a volunteer stylist!


After, we were blessed with Taylor Made Designs. Her line was defiantly the most fun and made me feel nostalgia for denim Justin and Britney circa 2001. Gracing the runway with patched denim, torn denim, bright colors, flowy tie-dye drapings and Prince tributes, her bold bohemian looks had everyone’s head turning!

The final designer was a beautiful Muslim woman named Rawan Bahabri who designed a beautiful line of dresses. The opening dress literally had my jaw dropping, and the proceeding dresses had sparkly, dainty details that added a flair of class and elegance. One of my other favorite pieces was this bold, hot pink glittery dress. I love the color and sequined detail.

I am so glad I decided to get out of my comfort zone and attend the show. I never knew about the horrible working conditions some brands just let happen and learned that the fashion industry is the 2nd worst pollutant to our environment.

I guess the main reason I kind of subconsciously skipped over the fashion industry when thinking about ways to make a greener world, was simply because I had that stigma in my mind that sustainable fashion couldn’t be fashionable.

After this show, my mindset is going to change. Although I am not going to go through my closet and throw out all of my clothes from Forever 21, I am defiantly going to start doing more research into the brands I am investing my money in. One of the most active things we can do to make change is to be conscious of where we are spending our money.

And, as one of the speakers said,

“It’s okay to look good, feel good and do good.”

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